ADEC Alegra

adec alegra

Adec Alegra - Entry Level Adec Highspeed

Excellent quality and performance at a reasonable price. Adec Alegra highspeed handpieces are as reliable as their higher end products. Not quite the power or the accompanying spray capacity of the Synea handpieces, the Alegra is an excellent entry level handpiece which gives the operator a good idea of what A-dec|W&H has to offer.

Adec Alegra - No Frills Power

Basic push button handpiece without fiber optics, Adec Alegra still contains a very good turbine, backed by a company known for excellent customer service. Don't let the low price on these fool you, there are no substandard handpieces in Adec's arsenal. Some of the quietest handpieces available today, Adec Alegra and Adec Synea combine to represent European engineering at it's best.

The Adec Alegra is available with a standard 4 hole backend, or swivel type which uses the Roto-Quick Swivel Coupler for 360 degree rotation for ease of use, and quick connect/disconnect capability.


  • Power: 14 watts
  • Spray: Triple spray
  • Weight: 2.1 oz (60 g)
  • Warranty: 1 year

Adec Alegra Deals on Ebay

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