BIEN-AIR Black Pearl

bien-air black pearl

The Swiss made Bien Air Black Pearl handpiece is nothing less than cutting-edge technology. Clean lines make the handpiece easy on the hands. Triple port spray provides more than adequate cooling, while the ceramic bearing turbine in the Black Pearl provides improved longevity with less maintenance. Glass rod optics and non-return valves integrated in the handles help the handpiece hold up well to the sterilization procedure. Non-return valves help minimize the negative pressure inside handpiece head when rheostat is released, thus resulting in less foreign material available to bake on and damage turbine.

Bien-Air Black Pearl - Better Lateral Cutting

Speeds up to 310,000 rpm, recommended air pressure 2.7 bar. The new high speed ceramic bearing turbine is very concentric, providing for smooth, very quiet operation. The Bien-Air Black Pearl turbine has relatively large impeller for this size head, which provides more torque, allowing for better lateral cutting without the power loss experienced by a lesser high speed handpiece. Any time you can achieve this much cutting power at less than 350,000 rpm, the result will most often be many less trips to the repair shop for new or rebuilt turbines. The Bien-Air Black Pearl is a good, dependable handpiece.

Bien-Air Black Pearl Deals on Ebay

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