Bien-Air OptimaElectric systems like the Bien Air Optima are destined to be a staple in the dental office of the future. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video such as the one below is hard to dispute.

Bien-Air Optima - Compatible

The Bien-Air Optima motor is often compatible with Kavo Electrotorque e-type attachments, as well as other european components designed to work with these type motors. Brushless electric motors have constant torque characteristics which provide optimum cutting at all speeds, not losing as much power as air driven handpieces when pressure is applied. This makes bulk material removal more consistant, thus helping to maximize your use of time. The video below contains an excellent explanation of why these type systems are worth the time they take to become proficient at using the Bien-Air Optima, as well as other similar electric systems.

Bien-Air Optima Deals on Ebay

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