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Words are like paper money. Their value depends on the source. I actually woke up one morning believing I was the first to use this phrase. A quick Google search proved otherwise.HC20KL light on

With that said, the source of the following words carries 20+ years of experience with the development, manufacture, and technological advancement of the modern dental handpiece. Their value lies in your willingness to try new things.

If you are in the market for new handpieces, you should end your search now, because the absolute best value in the dental industry today is the "Classic" HC20KL from MK-dent Germany.

To name a handpiece "Classic" is a gamble. There are many impressive classic handpieces, created by companies that deserve the accolades. However, This classic is destined to erase the memory of all others. In addition, you may leave your electric on the shelf after experiencing the 28 Watts of Air Driven Power from the Classic HC20KL

The longevity remains to be seen, but a quick look at the turbine design will certainly calm most skeptics, and those who know that balance, carbide, and ceramic are current technology's solution to durability. The HC20KL from MK-dent is another example of the quality we have all come to expect from a handpiece made in Germany.


Carbide chuck insert provides bur retention at 40N.
For Americans, 40N = about 9lbs.

Grip design is very comfortable. Easy to hold between fingers.

* Power - 28 watts
* Noise - 60 dB
* Speed - 370,000 rpm @ 40 psi
* Spray- 4
* Warranty - 1 year

Compare the 28 watts of the MK-dent HC20KL to the following:

KaVo Expert E679 - 20 watts
KaVo Expert E680-
20 watts
Sirona T2 Control - 22 watts
Sirona T2 Boost - 23 watts
NSK X-Max X600L- 21 watts
B.A. International Ultimate- 20 watts

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