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In the 5th grade, excited about the upcoming science fair, I decided to enlighten the community of Riverdale Park, Maryland to the magic of electricity and light. Imagining awards and scholarship offers, I put together an impressive circuit with power supply, switch, and incandescent bulb, all mounted neatly on a plywood surface.HP21KL

The day of the fair, dressed in my best, hair slicked back, and 30 second speech memorized to perfection, a flash appears in my peripheral vision. I glance over to see a mesmerizing red pulsating light. Everyone in the school cafeteria turned exhibit hall was captivated. Inside that glass tube, we all saw the future. Neon!

Competing handpiece manufacturers must feel they are seeing the future as well, in the near silent power of the Prime Line HP21KL by MK-dent.

While MK-dent may not have discovered that energized gas atoms emit photons, they have developed one of the most efficient, powerful, and quiet air driven handpieces available. Combine some of the best stats in the torque head class, at half the cost of competitors with an unconditional 1 year warranty, and MK-dent has a home run.

Hope MK-dent doesn’t mind the reference to America’s pastime, because American dentists will surely appreciate the HP21KL made in Germany.


HP21KL power is top in it's class for handpieces with internal pressure control. Internal pressure regulator protects turbine.

Automatic suction stop prevents debris intrusion.

* Power - 25 watts
* Noise - 55 dB
* Speed - 340,000 rpm @ 40 psi
* Spray- 4
* Warranty - 1 year

Compare the 25 watts of the MK-dent HP21KL to the following:

Kavo Mastertorque M9000L - 23 watts
Kavo Mastertorque M8900L -
23 watts
Sirona T1 Control - 22 watts
Sirona T1 Boost - 23 watts
W&H Synea Vision TK-100 - 22 watts
W&H Synea Vision TK-98 - 21 watts
B.A. International Ultimate Power+ - 20 watts

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