The Kavo handpiece is a strong competitor with few true peers.

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180 Series kavo handpiece
Kavo 180 Series Lowspeed Motors

Basic e-type connections allow the Kavo 180 to be used with a multitude of available attachments from Kavo and aftermarket suppliers alike.

2300 Series kavo handpiece
Kavo 2300 Series Lowspeed Handpieces

Aftermarket heads are beginning to pop up for use with the 2300 series handpieces as well which can be a little easier on the pocketbook.

630 Series kavo handpiece
Kavo 630 Series Highspeed Handpieces

The smaller head diameter 11 mm (.43 inches) makes the 635 Mira Lux Kavo handpiece an excellent choice for pedo applications, as well as difficult to access areas on adults.

640 Series kavo handpiece
Kavo 640 Series Highspeed Handpieces

Whisper quiet operation, high torque, and triple port spray have helped to keep the Kavo Supertorque 640 series handpieces at the top of the charts for many years.

650 Series kavo handpiece
Kavo 650 Series Highspeed Handpieces

Same great Supertorque style handpiece. A little smoother. A little more ergonomic.

Kavo Diagnodent

Proven over 90% accurate, the Diagnodent is non invasive and can be used by hygenists as well, to detect the smallest lesions.

Kavo Electrotorque

A wide array of attachments are available for these, so high speed applications are well within it's capability.

Kavo Gentleforce Highspeed Handpieces

Gentleforce rates highest among peers for longevity following repeated use/sterilization.

Kavo Gentlesilence Highspeed Handpieces

We feel the Gentlesilence Kavo handpiece is the number one highspeed handpiece on the market today for overall performance.

Kavo Sonicflex Scaler

Newer models are much quieter due to the adjustable power levels.

The Kavo handpiece became the worlds first sterilizable handpiece in 1928.

With each new model, Kavo continues to strive for perfection, experimenting with materials and design to create equipment which holds up to the daily rigors of the clinic.

In 1977 Kavo introduced the Multiflex Kavo Handpiece Coupling, still considered the standard today.