KAVO 180 Series

kavo 180

Kavo 180 - Versatile

The Kavo 180 Series Low speed motors offer basic e-type connections which allow them to be used with a multitude of available attachments from Kavo and aftermarket suppliers alike. Ranging in speeds from 5,000 to 20,000 rpm, the 180 Series offers legendary Kavo torque and reliability.

Kavo 180 Series - Strongest E-type Motor

The Kavo 180 Series is certainly one of the strongest air driven motor lines on the market. The Kavo 181H is super quiet, with speed easily controlled and reversible. Contra angle adapter fit is very close, and handpiece efficiency loss is minimized at the coupling, contrary to many competing models.

Kavo Excels at Coupling Two Components

Think of the shaft on your automobile, which transfers engine energy to the wheels. The quality of the coupling determines the efficiency of the drive train, and consequently how much energy, and wear it takes, to progress from point A to B. Many low speed handpieces operate upwards of 20,000 RPM (3 times that of most car engines).

The near perfect coupling of the Kavo 180 series ensures smooth, vibration free, operation which results in better efficiency and longer handpiece life. Plain and simple. Kavo does this best.

If interested in a one piece motor/angle combination, take a look at the Kavo 2300 Series.

Kavo 180 Series Handpieces and Accessories Available on Ebay

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