KAVO 2300 Series

kavo 2300

Kavo 2300 Series - One Piece Motor and Angle

Kavo 2300 Interflex is an integrated system. Motor and angle are one piece. Kavo was one of the first companies to truly consider ergonomics in handpiece design. This one, even though it's been around a while, has the feel that dentists have become accustomed to. Easily exchange heads chair side with a twist of the neck to lock and release. No strong action required. Release is very smooth and spring loaded to return to locked position.

Kavo 2300 - Interchangeable Heads

The Kavo 2300 Series interchangeable heads provide needed flexability. This system is so popular now that heads are being manufactured by companies other than Kavo to provide, in some cases, a less expensive alternative to the original. All heads we have seen for these are of very good quality, using bearings instead of bushings for better wear and fewer repairs.

All Kavo 2300 series handpieces use the same MultiFlex coupling as Kavo highspeeds. Also, as with the highspeeds, some may, or may not, have fiber optic capability.

Cellular Optics

Handpiece has integral air/water lines, and cellular optics on selected models. Very high torque for a vane type motor, and easy on the hands as motor is slimmer than many competitors.

MK Dent, Bien Air, and others manufacture a head compatible with the Kavo 2300 series handpiece as well which can be a little easier on the pocketbook.

Also see Kavo 180 Series for a more conventional E-type motor system.

Kavo 2300 Interflex Handpieces Available on Ebay

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