KAVO 640 Series

kavo 640

Kavo 640 - high torque

Whisper quiet operation, high torque, and triple port spray have helped to keep the Kavo 640 Supertorque series handpieces at the top of the charts for many years. Kavo quality and workmanship, as usual, is second to none.

The newer ones are up to the 3rd generation cellular fiber optics, which hold up much better to the autoclave than the older type. See Kavo 650 Series for a more ergonomic model of this size head with slightly more torque.

Kavo 640 larger head allows for larger turbine impeller.

Kavo 640 turbines are quiet and concentric, making optimum use of supplied air, and quick work of gross reduction, and crown and bridge work. The Multiflex Lux quick connection is fast becoming the industry standard for 360 degree swivel connectors, now being emulated by many of Kavo's competitors.


  • Power - 15 watts
  • Noise - 62 dB
  • Speed - 370,000 rpm @ 36 psi (2.5 bar)
  • Spray- 3 port
  • Warranty - Turbine - 2 year, Fiber Optics (if applicable) 5 years.

Kavo 640 Series Handpieces Available on Ebay

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