KAVO 650 Series

kavo 650

Kavo 650 - smooth
& quiet.

The Kavo 650 maintains the same great Supertorque style handpiece. A little smoother. A little more ergonomic. Head has 4 port spray, and protects turbine from debris a bit better than older models. Still very quiet and strong, with a turbine similar to the 640 series. Kavo quality and workmanship, as usual, is second to none. 3rd generation cellular fiber optics hold up much better to the autoclave than the older type.

Concentricity is evident by the near absence of vibration on the Kavo 650 turbine.

The Multiflex Lux quick connection is fast becoming the industry standard for 360 degree swivel connectors, now being emulated by many of Kavo's competitors.

Kavo 650 Summary:

* Power - 16 watts
* Noise - 62 dB
* Speed - 370,000 rpm @ 36 psi (2.5 bar)
* Spray- 4 port
* Warranty - Turbine - 2 year, Fiber Optics (if applicable) 5 years.

Kavo 650 Series Handpieces Available on Ebay

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