KAVO Diagnodent

kavo diagnodent


Kavo Diagnodent caries detection aid. Adding to your arsenal of visual and radiographic evaluation, the Kavo 2095 Diagnodent Classic and Kavo Diagnodent Pen can be welcome additions. Kavo leads the way in laser caries detection with the Classic, and it's more portable cousin, the Pen. Both are excellent instruments backed by a name that needs no introduction.

Diagnodent - Non Invasive Accuracy

Proven over 90% accurate, the Diagnodent is non invasive and can be used by hygienists as well, to detect the smallest lesions. Time to learn this equipment will be minimal. Accurate use should begin immediately. The Pen may be carried in the Doctor's pocket, from operatory to operatory, to be used for more accurate diagnosis following the hygienists recommendations. Many allow the hygienist to perform this function as well, freeing up even more the the doctor's valuable time.

The Classic and Pen are both portable and easy to operate, which should allow for the purchase of only one to support the average sized practice. 

Kavo is a pioneer in the field of laser caries detection, providing doctors more accurate detection at the earliest stages of development. But, more importantly, patients may get to see a little more of the minimally invasive treatments, and less of the dreaded drill.

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