KAVO Electrotorque

kavo electrotorque

Electrotorque - Brushless

The Kavo ElectroTorque is a very good motor system. The newer ones are brushless which requires a little less maintenance due to induction taking place via the use of magnets instead of brushes. Brushless units are a little quieter, and have less vibration than their predecessors as well. Brush type motors are still widely used though and are very dependable. Brush replacement is a very easy repair as well, and typically does not result in significant down time.

Electrotorque - Attachments Abound

A wide array of attachments are available for these, so high speed applications are well within it's capability. The universal e-type connections provide the option for the doctor to incorporate less expensive attachments, with many quality alternatives available.

Want to make use of those attachments on an Kavo Air Driven e-type motor, check out the Kavo 180 Series.

Very good control unit on these, with digital speed control providing accurate step changes in speed, and allows for both forward and reverse operation.

Kavo Electrotorque Deals on Ebay

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