KAVO Gentleforce


Kavo Gentleforce - autoclave resistant.

Gentleforce rates highest among peers for longevity following repeated use/sterilization. Highest retention of fiberoptic transmission as well, retaining 92% of its capacity to transmit light following 1000 simulated cycles. The 5 year warranty on the cellular optics shows Kavo's confidence in this product.

Gentleforce turbine is strong, quiet, and well shielded against debris intrusion.

The Kavo Gentleforce uses the same Multiflex Coupling as other Kavo Swivel type handpieces. 360 degree swivel capability with minimal loss of efficiency vs standard 4 hole type. O-rings are easily changed on the Multiflex coupling to maintain efficiency, and prevent water leaks. 16 watts of power at 400,000 rpm makes Gentleforce one of the most powerful in Kavo's line of highspeed handpieces.


  • Power - 16 watts
  • Noise - 65 dB
  • Speed - 400,000 rpm @ 38psi
  • Spray- 4 port
  • Warranty - Turbine - 1 year, 5 year on cellular optics.

Kavo Gentleforce 6000 Handpieces Available on Ebay.

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