KAVO Gentlesilence


Gentlesilence - Quiet.

Amazingly quiet (57 dB) the 6500B Gentlesilence highspeed handpiece is easy on the doctor's ears and easier on the patient's nerves. At 19 watts power, the 6500B will disolve anything in it's path. The 4 port spray is a definite must for this one, as it's quick cutting capability requires optimum bur cooling. You may want to use carbide burs, and change them out with each patient on this one.

Kavo's 360 degree swivel coupler design allows for ease of use while maintaining greater efficiency and fiber optic light transmission than competitors.

At 19 watts of sheer cutting power, Gentlesilence 6500 is king

We feel the Kavo Gentlesilence is the number one highspeed handpiece on the market today for overall performance and rock solid reliability. Are we showing our excitement a bit too much on this one?


  • Power - 19 watts
  • Noise - 57 dB
  • Speed - 400,000 rpm @ 38psi
  • Spray- 4 port
  • Warranty - Turbine - 1 year, 5 year on cellular optics.

Kavo Gentlesilence Handpieces Available on Ebay

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