KAVO Sonicflex

kavo sonicflex

Sonicflex - adjustable power

Most versatile air driven sonic scaler on the market today.  Newer models are much quieter due to the adjustable power levels. Crank it up when you need the power. Turn it down to quiet it down.

Kavo Sonicflex - One of the Few with Fiber Optic Capability

With two glass rod fiber optics providing much needed light, Kavo has a winner with the Sonicflex 2000L. Of course the handpiece is available with out fiber optics as well.

Patients appreciate the quiet operation. Handpiece can also be used for caries work and cavity prep smoothing when at the higher power levels. Once again, adjustable power changes frequency levels enough for multiple treatments, making this one of the most versatile sonic dental scalers available today.

Kavo Sonicflex Sonic Scalers Available on Ebay

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