LARES 757 Series

 Lares 757

Lares 757

The 757 Workhorse highspeed handpiece has a larger head (13 mm diameter) for heavier cutting. Handpiece comes in light, at 1.6 ounces, for a large, high torque head. The 757 can be purchased with standard 4-hole backend, or 360 degree swivel capability. Lares 757 and Lares 557 uses a very specific impeller design, not found in other handpieces, which makes very efficient use of your stored air supply. This design also provides a very smooth cut with minimal vibration.

Lares 757 - New Models

Newer models - 757 Ultralight and Euro offer higher power as well as fiber optics, and triple port spray. These handpieces can also be purchased to accomodate the Kavo Multiflex Coupler, as more and more companies attempt to attract loyal Kavo customers. Like the lighter Kavo handpieces, these also have a tendency to dent when dropped on hard surfaces, so it need not be said that care should be taken here.


  • Power - 13 watts
  • Noise - 67 dB
  • Speed - 420,000 rpm @ 36 psi (2.5 bar)
  • Spray- Single
  • Warranty - Turbine - 2 year, Fiber Optics (if applicable) 5 years.

Lares 757 Deals on Ebay

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