Midwest Quiet Air
Midwest Quiet Air Highspeed Handpiece
Withstanding the test of time, the Midwest Quiet Air is still sold new with few changes from it's original design.
Midwest Rhino
Midwest Rhino Lowspeed Handpiece

Heavy grinding and cutting will be no problem with this one.

Midwest Shorty
Midwest Shorty Lowspeed Handpiece

Evolving from the original Tru-Torq handpiece, the Shorty inherited the same drive system. Why mess with perfection.

Midwest Stylus
Midwest Stylus Highspeed Handpiece

If you are comfortable with the Midwest brand but prefer a more ergonomic euro design, the Stylus is the ideal choice.

Midwest Tradition
Midwest Tradition Highspeed Handpiece

The Tradition highspeed handpiece has been around a long time, which is a testament to durability.

Midwest RDH
Midwest RDH Hygienists Handpiece

Very good vane type motor in these with oversized bearings which provide smooth, quiet operation and less down time for repair