midwest rhino

Midwest Rhino - Powerful Vane Type Motor

One of the most powerful vane type motors on the market, the Midwest Rhino Lowspeed handpiece is hard to stop. Uses the same patented attachment coupling mechanism as the Shorty allowing it to use the multitude of attachments available from Midwest and others.

Midwest Rhino - Excellent Choice for the Lab

Very strong lab or clinical use handpiece. Speed is a bit high for hygiene use, but Midwest already has one of the best on the market in the Midwest RDH handpiece for this application.

Heavy grinding and cutting will be no problem with this one.


* Power - Larger vane type motor = strong handpiece.
* Speed - 0-8000 rpm forward or reverse @ 35 psi
* Available Attachments - Nosecone, Straight Motor to Angle adaptor, 45 degree motor to angle adaptor.
* Warranty - Manufacturers warranty is 1 year. Well maintained, these typically last 2+ years without repair.

Midwest Rhino Handpieces Available on Ebay

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