midwest shorty

Midwest Shorty - Powerful

No self respecting handpiece review site would be worth it's metal without mentioning the Midwest Shorty slowspeed motor made by Dentsply. Evolving from the original Tru-Torq handpiece, the Shorty inherited the same drive system. Why mess with perfection.

Midwest Shorty - Available in Single or Two Speed

Not sporting the most ergonomic design, or the sleek curves of the European slowspeeds (sounds like a car commercial), the sheer power of the Shorty's turbine and ring driven motor far outweighs any advantage good looks might bring. We view the Midwest Shorty as the Harley of the handpiece world. But, don't let your mechanic play with it. He'll wonder why he's been lugging around that huge impact wrench for all these years.

The Shorty has been a mainstay for so long, there are probably more generic attachments made for it than any other handpiece. After market suppliers have capitalized well on creating attachments to adapt to the patented shorty connection.

Available in Single Speed (0-6,000 rpm) or Two Speed (0-6,000 rpm and 0-30,000 rpm) versions, the Shorty accepts all Midwest modular attachments.

Midwest Shorty Summary:
Power - The Midwest Shorty has no peer.
Speed - 200 - 30K    (using  two speed motor @ 35 psi or 2.5 bar)
Available Attachments - Nosecone, Straight Motor to Angle adaptor, 45 degree motor to angle adaptor.
Warranty - Manufacturers warranty is 1 year. Well maintained, these typically last 3+ years without repair.

Midwest Shorty Deals on Ebay

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