Midwest Stylus - 360 Degree


Dentsply Mmidwest stylusidwest now offers the Stylus handpiece marketed as their premium line of handpieces offered in Standard, Lite, and Mini sizes. All use a 360 degree swivel coupler similar to the Kavo design. The Midwest Stylus can also be purchased to fit the Kavo Multiflex Coupler, as Midwest attempts to offer Kavo customers an easy conversion possibility with this one.


If you are comfortable with the Midwest brand but prefer a more ergonomic euro design, the Stylus is the ideal choice.

Midwest Stylus - Multi Port Spray

Stainless steel design sticks with Midwest's history of developing equipment to withstand the torture of the modern practice. Multi port spray provides excellent circumferential bur cooling, while doing a better job of clearing debris than older models. Fused rod fiber optics is also an upgrade in quality, providing more than adequate light. Light port is a bit recessed for surface protection, so a little extra effort with a tooth brush and alcohol will be necessary for proper cleaning.


* Power - 11 watts
* Noise - 60 dB
* Speed - 400,000 rpm @ 30 psi
* Spray- 4 port
* Warranty - 12 months (5 years on fiber optics)

Midwest Stylus Handpieces Available on Ebay

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