NSK - Lexus of Dental Equipment.

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Designed for use with the Ni-Ti files available from all major suppliers

EX-203 Lowspeed Motor

Highly durable and easy on the budget, the EX-203 usually comes in a kit containing a contra angle attachment and a head

Hygiene Pro
Hygiene Pro

Quick disconnect allows easy head replacement and changing between a range of geared heads from 4:1 to 16:1

Pana Highspeed Handpiece

The Pana 2000 handpieces are equipped with the new style turbines which contain the ultra push chuck

Presto Lab Handpiece

Presto operates at higher speeds (up to 320,000 rpm) than most lab handpieces which broadens its range of use

Surgic xt
Surgic Surgical Handpiece

Tons of attachments available for the Surgic XT

Ti-Max Series Handpieces

Solid titanium handpiece with ceramic bearing turbine

NSK - Many Innovative Patents

From ceramic bearing turbines, to their patented cartridge design which literally incorporates integral water spray, and a clean head system, NSK is hard at work.

Not waiting to see what others are doing, NSK sets the bar

One of the first to use titanium handpiece bodies, cartridge turbines, swivel connectors, and brushless electric handpiece motors, Nakanishi is a world leader in the dental industry.