NSK Endo-Mate

 nsk endo-mate

NSK Endo-Mate - Portable

The NSK Endo-Mate is designed for use with the Ni-Ti files available from all major suppliers. Unit is easily portable, plugs into 110 outlet, or runs off battery power only, with memory presets for multiple users and applications.

NSK Endo-Mate - Programmable

9 available programs with a Speed range of 100 - 13,000 rpm, and torque control from .1 to 6.5 Ncm depending on which head is being used. Available heads: 20:1, 4:1, and 1:1. Handpiece will auto reverse when over torqued to help prevent file sticking. Good controls - large lcd screen with flat, well laid out control panel.

NSK Endo-Mate Available on Ebay

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