NSK EX-203

nsk ex-203

NSK EX-203 - Reliable Low Speed

Highly durable and easy on the budget, the NSK EX-203 usually comes in a kit containing a contra angle attachment and a head. Kits are now showing up which include a Pana series high speed handpiece as well.

NSK EX-203 - Autoclaveable

The 20,000 rpm motor is strong, and autoclave resistant. Multiple attachments are available for this series including a very good quality nosecone. All components are autoclaveable, and should hold up to heat sterilization or chemclave.

External water spray, standard 4 hole backend, forward and reverse operation. This unit does not contain the non-retraction valve, nor does it support fiber optics. Great entry level, no frills handpiece.

NSK EX-203 Handpieces Available on Ebay

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