NSK Hygiene Pro

nsk hygiene pro

NSK Hygiene Pro - Cordless

The NSK Hygiene Pro is a cordless micromotor prophy type handpiece. 500 - 2500 rpm designed for disposable prophys. Lightweight and easy on the hands. Unit has memory for storage of preset speed settings. Quick disconnect allows easy head replacement and changing between a range of geared heads from 4:1 to 16:1.

NSK Hygiene Pro - Good Choice for the Hygienist on the go

Hygienists looking to purchase a handpiece that travels with them might find the hygiene pro a good purchase. Once you get use to the control and range provided by the electric motor, you may never go back to an air driven handpiece. Previously reserved for labs and surgical applications, the constant torque and controlled speed of the electric handpiece is now being considered for clinical settings. The Hygiene Pro is a little heavier than air driven handpieces, but if you can handle the weight, the performance may be worth it.

On the other hand, if air driven is where it's at for you, then look no further than the Midwest RDH.

NSK Hygiene Pro Available on Ebay

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