NSK Presto

nsk presto

NSK Presto

The NSK Presto is a lab handpiece designed for ceramic cutting. It requires it's own regulator, and will not fit a standard 4-hole midwest connection. At 130 mm long, the NSK Presto is lightweight and easy to grip, much smaller than most lab handpieces. Twist type chucking mechanism is easy to operate and holds burs securely.

NSK Presto - 320,000 RPM

NSK Presto operates at higher speeds (up to 320,000 rpm) than most lab handpieces which broadens its range of use somewhat. It uses a highspeed air driven turbine which is protected from debris by a dust proof system. Higher speeds with the pen like comfort adds precision to detailed lab, crown, and bridge work. Lab practitioners and dentists who perform their own lab work will appreciate the feel of this one. One point to keep in mind: All burs are not created equal. Remember to ensure that burs used with this handpiece are rated for 320K and above.

If you are looking for an electric laboratory handpiece comparable to the NSK Presto Air Driven, you may consider the NSK Ultimate XL.

NSK Presto Deals on Ebay

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