NSK Surgic XT

nsk surgic xt

NSK Surgic XT

Powerful 210 Watt micromotor, coupled with very good speed control at 200 - 40,000 rpm, this unit is smooth and quiet. Foot control is smooth, making speed control very fluent with constant torque, even at slower speeds. High torque motor virtually vibration free, and did we say quiet? The new electric motor technology has definitely found a home in the dental industry. No nerve shattering, ear piercing whistles from this one.

NSK Surgic XT - Many Attachments Available

Tons of optional attachments available, and cellular optics make the Surgic XT very useful over a broad range of applications. Unit is also available without optics if you do not use them. Do remember though, all attachments used with the NSK Surgic XT should be rated for 40,000 rpm or greater.

NSK Surgic XT Deals on Ebay

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