NSK Ti-Max Z900L

To achieve 26 watts of power from an air driven handpiece with todays technology where bearingsNSK Z900L just can't handle continued operation at greater than 40 psi, you have to do something pretty special. The improvement made on the NSK Ti-Max Z900L is in the design of the impeller. Simply put, it captures more air, converting it to power. Again, NSK has created a superior air driven handpiece, with power that rivals many electric driven 1:5 speed increasing contra angles.


Power - 26 Watts
Noise - 57 dB
Speed - To 420,000 rpm @ 36 psi (2.5 bar)
Spray- 4 port
Warranty - Turbine - 2 year, Fiber Optics (if applicable) 5 years.

NSK Ti-Max Handpieces Available on Ebay

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