NSK Ti-Max Series

nsk ti-max

NSK Ti-Max - Titanium

Solid titanium handpiece with ceramic bearing turbine. Clean head system for better infection control and turbine protection from debris entering head. Ti-Max is available for the highspeed models as well as slow speed contra angle handpieces.

NSK Ti-Max - Patented Turbine Cartridge

One major advantage we see from the NSK Brasseler Ti-Max design is their patented turbine cartridge which incorporates the portion of the water spray system which contains the most tortuous path. This modification allows for the most troublesome water clogging areas to be replaced with each new turbine, thus reducing trips to repair shop for just water line problems.


Power - Varies with model
Noise - Varies with model
Speed - To 420,000 rpm @ 36 psi (2.5 bar)
Spray- 4 port
Warranty - Turbine - 2 year, Fiber Optics (if applicable) 5 years.

NSK Ti-Max Handpieces Available on Ebay

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