NSK Ultimate XL

nsk ultimate xlThe NSK Ultimate XL offers a higher speed, higher torque than most other electric laboratory handpiece designs. At a speed of 50,000 RPM, the NSK Ultimate XL rates highly on hard to cut materials. A number like 6.0 Ncm torque for the compact NSK Ultimate XL, and 8.7 Ncm torque for the full size torque model certainly doesn't look like much. However, considering handpieces weighing 181g and 219 grams respectively, the NSK Ultimate XL pack a serious punch. Think of a 6 ounce piece of equipment with enough power to spin a 10 pound water melon. the NSK Ultimate XL is most definitely the "Little Engine That Could".

NSK Ultimate XL - Constant Torque

The constant torque provided by the NSK Ultimate XL electric lab handpiece offers the user an electric option which will rival many air driven higher speed handpieces. Air driven handpieces lose speed and torque as pressure is applied. Electric handpieces, like the NSK Ultimate XL maintain torque much longer as pressure on cutting surface is increased.

NSK Ultimate XL Handpieces Available

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