SIRONA SiroTorque

sirona sirotorque

SiroTorque - Brushless

Very good table top brushless electric micromotor with speed increasing attachments which create a wide range of possibilities with this instrument. Brushless motors have fewer components to wear out, resulting in less down time. Available attachments are good quality, with bearings vs bushings, which leads to a longer working life for them as well.

SiroTorque - Range: 90 to 40,000 RPM

Motor speed changes smoothly from 90 to 40,000 rpm (200,000 rpm with speed increasing attachments). Integrates with Sirona T1 line attachments adding much flexibility, covering the complete spectrum of dental applications

Auto Calibration

Automatic calibration allows immediate treatment without delay. Unit has good foot control for hands free operation and. large digital display for operator feedback. Constant torque of a good brushless motor combined with speed at, or near, that of highspeed air driven handpieces, this unit is certainly worth a look.

Sirona SiroTorque and T1 Attachments Available on Ebay

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