sirona t2 racer

Sirona T2 Racer - Titanium

Ergonomic, light weight, Titanium houses the Sirona T2 for a relaxed and effective working style. Sirona calls it "the feel-good factor".

Sirona offers one of the most well balanced, sophisticated turbines available, with high tech ceramic bearings. Quiet operation with a clean, smooth feel.

Three Sirona T2 Racer models to choose from

  • Control
  • Racer
  • Mini

Control and Racer develop approximately the same power (17 watts), with the Control model providing a little more torque at a lower speed due to it's slightly larger head. The Mini operates at a significantly higher speed due to it's smaller head, which is accompanied by a slightly higher noise level. At 14 watts, the mini delivers good power, comparable to other handpieces in it's class.

If you don't need fiber optics, check out Sirona T3 Racer.


  • Power - 17 watts (14 watts on Mini)
  • Speed - 250,000 - 400,000 rpm depending on model.
  • Air pressure - 36 - 38 psig
  • Spray- Multi- port
  • High tech ceramic bearings

Sirona T2 Racer Handpieces Available on Ebay

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