STAR 430 Series

star 430

Star 430 - Great Pedo Handpiece

At 12.9 watts, the Star® 430 SWL StarBright® fiberoptic high-speed handpiece has middle of the road power, but considering the 11 mm head diameter, this versatile handpiece will more than handle the job. The stainless steel body, while rugged, is as easy on the doctor's hands as it is on the patients mouth. Measuring 12.4 cm in length, and weighing 2.3 ounces, the Star 430 SWL makes an excellent pedo handpiece.

Star 430 - Lube Free

Very quiet (69 dB) turbine comes with the popular lube-free option, saving time and helping to eliminate cross contamination. Many companies are beginning to catch up in this area, but Star was one of the pioneers. The Lube-free Vortex turbine has been proven to hold up extremely well to the autoclave cycle.

360-degree swivel coupler adds to ease of use, while allowing quick handpiece changeout. Don't forget to change the swivel o-rings to ensure maximum efficiency. O-rings are easily replaced using an explorer pick. Also, replace swivel end gasket when it appears worn. Stay with the Star OEM green gaskets for maximum swivel efficiency. Some of the after market gaskets just don't seal as well with the swivel.

Understanding the environment of the busy practice makes the Star 430 series one of our top picks, as the rugged stainless steel body protects the internals of this handpiece like an armored car. If the Star 430 were a car, it's blue book value would hold up very well.


  • Power - 12.9 watts
  • Noise - 69 dB
  • Speed - 430,000 rpm @ 34 psi
  • Spray- single port
  • Warranty - Turbine - 1 year, Fiber Optics (if applicable) 5 years.

Star 430 Handpieces Available on Ebay

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