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Star Solara - Cellular Optics

For those who love the Star 430 SWL handpieces, but have wanted multiport spray, cellular optics, and a lighter shell, the Star Solara from DentalEz may be the answer. Considerably lighter than its predecessor, the 430 swl, the Star Solara uses the same type swivel connection while offering the option of 4 port spray.

Star Solara - Injection Molded Titanium

Solara is a lighter, injection molded, titanium version of the 430 SWL.

Larger head on Solara Plus (12.5 mm) than the 430 allows for significantly more power (18 watts). Multiport spray keeps that additional power cool, while the cellular optics provide extra light to help eliminate some of the bur shading. Solid glass optics tend to hold up to the autoclave better as well.

Titanium seems to be the material of choice, as its lighter weight, corrosion resistance, and resistance to denting compare well to the strength and durability of the stainless steel Star 430 series.

Of course, Star is sticking with the ceramic bearing turbine in the Solara, as loyal Star customers will except nothing less.

This reviewer still prefers the Star 430 SWL, due to the near indestructable stainless steel shell, but if you are in the majority, and just have to have more power, the Solara Plus is an excellent alternative.

Improved air flow 360-degree swivel coupler adds to higher power output of Solara Plus.


  • Power - 18 watts
  • Noise - Not measured
  • Speed - 430,000 rpm @ 35 psi
  • Spray- single port (Solara), 4 port (Solara Plus)
  • Warranty - Turbine - 1 to 2 years depending on options.

Star Solara Handpieces Available on Ebay

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