STAR Titan Sonic Scaler

titan sonic scaler

Titan Sonic Scaler - Solid

One of the most popular air driven Sonic Scalers for years, the Star Titan Sonic Scaler remains a strong competitor, making short work of the toughest to scale areas. The Titan Sonic Scaler operates on air flow causing a rotor, which in this case is a lightweight hollow cylinder, to vibrate between two thick pieces of rubber called quad rings. This vibration causes a sonic frequency harmonic somewhere between 3000 Hz and 9000 Hz depending on air pressure and flow.

Titan Sonic Scaler - Standard 4-hole or Swivel

Available in swivel connection or 4 hole backend. Be sure to pick up an extra swivel connector for the sw type. You may also use the 430 highspeed type swivels for these if you have an extra. Especially if you have one with bad fiber optics which is not used for these anyway.

No turbine or bearings in this one. Handpiece runs by harmonics created by a rotor oscillating between two rubber rings. If performance becomes sluggish, these are easily repaired by replacing the rotor and a couple of quad rings.

Titan Sonic Scaler Handpieces Available on Ebay

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