STAR Titan Motor

star titan motor

Star Titan Motor - Versatile

The Star Titan Low Speed System is another lube free product from Dentalez (Star). Excellent product with solid track record of continued repair free performance, available in 5K or 20K motor speeds.  Attachments include straight nosecone, motor to angle adaptor, and torque multiplier allowing for either motor to produce the necessary speed and/or torque for each application. Available heads include  prophy, 1:1/16:1 FG/Latch with push button or manual chuck.

Star Titan Motor - Many attachment choices available

360 degree quick-connect swivel and repairable chair side angles minimizes downtime. Many aftermarket items are available for the Titan system as well, making this an economical system operate long term.


  • Power - Very good for a straight vane type motor. Torque multiplier also available.
  • Speed - 100 - 20K    (using 20K motor @ 35 psi or 2.5 bar)
  • Available Attachments - Nosecone, Motor to Angle attachment, Torque multiplier.
  • Warranty - typically 1 year, but motor will last much longer. These just don't see the repair shop often.

Star Titan Motor Available on Ebay

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